About Us

Who We Are

Our company is a unique insurance agency at the forefront of change.  Whether you employ one or one thousand, KGS Insurance Services, LLC offers a broad portfolio of products and services with a dedicated and knowledgeable staff to address all of your insurance and benefits need.

What We Do

Because no two businesses have the same insurance needs, KGS Insurance Services, LLC can tailor a benefit plan that is designed to meet your expectations and budget.  We will implement your plan by utilizing one or more of the vast top-quality products available from an array of top-rated companies.

  The Perfect Fit

Why We’re Different

Our “Caring through Action” approach means that our dedicated team of professionals is here to manage all of your day-to-day service issues to ensure your company’s benefit program runs smoothly.

We are a market leader in small and large business solutions.  We are perfectly positioned to design, implement and service the needs of your small or large business in the benefits arena.

That means a live person will pick up the phone when you call and your issue will be handled by our caring team who has the experience needed to resolve most issues that same day.  If we need more time to solve your problem, then rest assured we stay on the task for as long as it takes and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Our Commitment To You

KGS Insurance Services, LLC will provide you with the best possible solution to your group insurance needs.  We will show you competitive plan designs and rates with various carriers in the state.  We will also provide you with different contribution strategies for cost effective solutions for all levels of employees.

Our “Caring through Action” approach allows you to spend more time on your business needs while we resolve your insurance challenges.  We pride ourselves in our commitment to service and working with carriers on your behalf.

We care about you, your employees and your bottom line.  It’s what makes us the best fit for thousands of businesses throughout our state.

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